Our role as your postpartum doulas:

As the arrival of your precious newborn approaches, a simultaneous shift toward an entirely new and captivating dynamic will accompany it. We find that it’s best described as a “delightful upheaval” that will redefine your perspectives, challenge your physical and emotional norms, and open the door to a profound journey of self-discovery and unconditional love unlike any other

Why choose a Seattle postpartum doula?

During this intimate journey of early parenting, you will likely need some additional support. Because we understand the nuances of the postpartum journey for both mom and baby, we can help you feel safe, comfortable, and confident.

We have a comprehensive understanding of infant feeding and newborn care. 

We are well-versed in “normal” postpartum recovery signs and symptoms. As well, we can advise you when something is beyond the scope of normal. 

We are knowledgeable in all parenting philosophies and the recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

Our Postpartum Doulas are here to help you succeed.

Whether you are looking for help during the day, postpartum doula support overnight for your baby, or short-term 24/7 doula care, we have a solution for you!

Daytime Support

The daytime support of an Elite Postpartum Doula offers invaluable practical assistance and emotional attentiveness to new parents during the crucial early days of parenthood.

With a focus on non-judgmental care and evidence-based knowledge, your doula will skillfully aid in newborn care, breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support, and provide much-needed respite for you as exhausted new parents. 

Overnight Support

By providing exceptional newborn care through the nighttime hours, your Elite Postpartum Doula enables you to get the peaceful rest you need to thrive and prevent some of the exhaustion associated with having a new baby.

Our vast knowledge in infant care and soothing techniques, empowers parents with the confidence to establish healthy family sleep routines and ensure a smoother transition into parenthood.

3-Day 24/7 Support

The short-term 24/7 support of an Elite Postpartum Doula offers invaluable assistance to new parents.

With a focus on the well-being of the entire family, we foster a nurturing environment that encourages parental bonding, confidence, and restful recovery. Our evidence-based support creates a smooth transition into parenthood by providing practical instruction in feeding, sleep routines, newborn care, and so much more. 


Cosima Wright and Anathea Abele share a profound passion for providing unwavering support to the beautifully diverse families of the Seattle Area. Together, they have founded Elite Postpartum Doulas, an agency dedicated to celebrating and nurturing the distinctiveness of babies and their families. Their mission is to champion the individuality of their clients while embracing the unique journey of parenthood with compassion and professionalism.

Postpartum Doulas in Seattle Washington

As you focus on creating beautiful memories with your baby, our presence serves as a reassuring pillar of strength, knowledge, and compassion. Elite Postpartum Doulas is not just a luxury but a wise decision that will leave a lasting positive impact on the well-being of both you and your precious baby. Contact us today to discuss your individual care needs and how we can enhance your family’s experience!